2 Bites of the cherry?


A call over the weekend from Anji who had been referred to Growing Talent by Nigel Yates’s team in West London led to this post.


With a strong background in global corporates, there wasn’t a role available which matched Anji’s existing skill set.


She still attended the employers’ initial selection and spoke enthusiastically with all – one of whom spoke with colleagues on his return to the office about her.


Anji told me they had called her to see if she would be interested in a role a different part of the business was recruiting for!


She was calling me to share the good news and also discuss how best to position her skills with her hunger to learn more.


Anji wouldn’t be in this position if she hadn’t attended Growing Talent’s initial employer selection with an open mind and enthusiasm.


There’s a lesson here we sometimes forget.


Never turn down an opportunity to network.  Even if on the face of it you don’t think it will lead anywhere.  You never know who you might meet and where it might lead to.


Good luck Anji!………….