21st #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek 2022


Who knew when the Mental Health Foundation started their annual awareness raising week 21years ago, it would grow to such a national and international level?

Big change starts with small steps!

Each year, the Mental Health Foundation has selected a different aspect of mental health to spotlight. This year the focus is on Loneliness. Throughout 9-15 May organisations will be doing different things within their businesses to raise awareness. This could be issuing green ribbons for staff, to running discussion events, delivering training specific to the field of mental health and wellbeing. The differences are as diverse as the organisations we have in the UK.

One thing many organisations may have in common after this week is ‘the spotlight is off’ and the culture returns to normal. Great if the culture is one of emotional intelligence which values all members or staff but what if it’s a bit more toxic?

At Growing Talent, a core part of our Orientation and Holistic week delivered after employers’ selection but before they go on site is emotional intelligence – i.e the impact of behaviours on others and the global accredited proactive I-act course in Managing and Promoting Positive e Mental Health and Wellbeing.

This ensures everyone on the Growing Talent journey is equipped to deal with workplace culture whilst maintaining their optimum wellbeing.

To be top of our game in anything, we have to be mindful of our emotional intelligence and wellbeing. Practising non-negotiable daily wellbeing windows is one quick, easy and vital way of building our resilience.

It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? I wonder why employers don’t make this training vital to their usual onboarding processes…..