4th July – isn’t just American Independence Day!


It’s also ….

Alice in Wonderland Day!

Why is this of interest? The facts surrounding why it was written and it’s relevance since make it so – for me at least! It also showcases one of the key foundations of Growing Talent #SelfCare. Allowing our minds to wander and be calm enables our imagination to ignite!

Written by Lewis Carroll in 1865, Alice in Wonderland has been translated into 200 languages and NEVER been out of print!

Imagination is something as children we have 24/7 but it seems to dim as we grown. This powerful tool enables ideas and solutions to be revealed which we would not have thought of with the ‘noise’ of the our thoughts.

By practising non-negotiable self-care throughout the day we can build in mind calming moments were our minds can be free to focus on nothing allowing the flame of imagination to ignite.

Why not try this yourself and see the solutions and ideas that suddenly present themselves!