5 Reasons to recruit your new staff via www.growing-talent.co.uk……. Do you agree?


There are many reasons not least the time and money to be saved by recruiting this way.  We think the following are the top 5 are unique –  Let us know what you think….



  • You personally select your Growing Talent associate through assessment days.  You can take part in workshops on both the Orientation Week and residential stay.
  • The Orientation week takes place before the on-site placement and focuses on self-esteem, communication, team work and professionalism ensuring they arrive on your site full of confidence and enthusiasm.  They work for 11 weeks full-time in your vacancy so you can see their fit with the role, team and your business as well as their future to add value.
  • A residential stay in the country focuses on the holistic elements of personal finance, fitness, nutrition and well-being essential in maintaining employment
  • There is no cost to you until the point of hire.  this is due to the unique partnership with JobCentre Plus in maintaining benefits and paying JSA, removing the need to sign-on and job search.
  • On completion, you have a new employee you are confident in.  Should your Growing Talent Associate not maintain set criteria, the will be removed from site and supported by JobCentre Plus.

Let us know your thoughts……