57,000 is this the magic number, or should we want more?


The Office of National Statistics latest stats show the UK’s economically inactive population has reduced by 57,000 since December 2016.  Sounds like a good start.  But is it enough?  Should we want more?


The same statistics show 8.83 million UK citizens aged between 16-64 are economically inactive – not in employment, education or training.


Even with the reduction, 8.83 million is a big number!  For some there are likely good reasons why they can’t work, for others it can be a lack of self esteem/confidence which escalates the longer someone is out of employment.


How much talent and commitment are we missing out on? People with some great potential and skills lost in this 8.83 million stat.


Surely, this is a time for programmes like Growing Talent.  To support someone on the journey from inactive unemployment to changing their lives through employment is a revelation.  A little TLC and encouragement is mainly all that is needed to unlock the potential.


A  bigger problem is the lack of understanding about jobs in diverse industries – where that entry level role can lead to.  Of course for those with zero working role models in their lives, the journey is even more difficult.  There has to be encouragement and a listening ear along the way otherwise the negativity becomes louder and louder.


Let’s not settle for this decrease.