A Great Week With Growing Talent!


I spent my second week of work experience along side Jane working for Growing Talent.


I have had a busy week where i have met countless inspiring people. My view of Growing Talent is that, its a fantastic experience where people are given a chance to excel in the working world. The program in my opinion should be a part of every company, because not only does it benefit the employee with a full time job, but it also benefits the employer as they will have a person who has been trained up to fit the job at hand perfectly.


I would like to thank everyone who has been involved and spoken to me as part of my interviews and most of all I would like to thank Jane for allowing me to actually see what goes on in Growing Talent. I have really enjoyed my time here and wish all the future Growing Talent Associates the best of luck!



Chad Sales 28th October 2016

Feature photo shows me after interviewing Julian – current Growing Talent Associate and his mentor Alenchenu – Growing Talent Graduate