A moment of distraction…..


Doesn’t always have to lead to a car crash literally or metaphorically!

It’s hard to see there is anything else going on in the world other than Coronavirus at the moment. To one degree or another the world is isolating it’s borders and communities. Social integration, even within families, is discouraged unless they live in the same house.

A week of this ‘lockdown’ seems like a month. People who had always wanted to work from home or hated school and didn’t want to go, now hate being at home! This is completely understandable as humans we like to have control. When that control is removed it automatically causes anxiety which, if we don’t keep in check, will grow and spread to harder hitting mental health issues.

With this in mind and seeing the affects of ‘lockdown’ in those around me, I feel a moment of distraction away from ‘conroaNews’ is needed. Scouring the newspaper recently, I found a few things to reflect on which are a world away from our current situation. One stood out…..

Max Hastings has a column in The Times which yesterday featured a few ‘really?’ moments. Writing about historical events, Max loves reference books, facts and stats.

The following is from this column and I thank Max for the moment’s distraction…..

Driving up the figures: in 2019 Britain had 40 million vehicles and 1,870 deaths from road traffic accidents. Compare this with 1940 which had 2.5 million vehicles, petrol rationing and blackouts. There were 9,169 road traffic deaths in 1941 attributable mainly to blackout. More British people were killed this way than by the Luftwaffe. The message Max gave from this is sobering and on reflection relative to our ‘lockdown’ status – “Drastic preventative measures will always have a cost”.

Actually, on reflection maybe scouring the news for ‘distraction’ stories doesn’t always work out!

Maybe sticking to exercise, laps around the back garden, bread making, music and of course reworking Growing Talent is a better focus and more successful to give a moment’s distraction.

Make sure during this difficult time, you are finding things to distract you. It is a moment in time that will end.