A multitasking table!


Last Friday, Lisa from Growing Talent 13 – now woking with an outstanding Canadian company in Soho – took me for lunch at www.inamo-restaurant.com.


The table doubled as a waiter to order food and drinks from as well as food from the wide ranging sushi/Asian dishes on offer to a camera link to watch the chefs prepare dishes.   Games could be played on the table whilst waiting for our food and the table would also arrange someone to bring the bill.


How brilliant is that?  Not so if you’re a technophobe like me.  No matter how much I bashed the table with my finger – nothing came up!  The staff came to my rescue with ‘a light touch madam – no thumping!’ oh dear!


Games can also be played on the wall screens.  With branches in Soho, Covent Garden and Camden it’s an innovative way to end a day in London – just remember, ‘light touch’!