A new chapter for Zoe…..


What a journey Zoe has been on over the past few Weeks!

Finding out about Growing Talent from her work coach Abi London Bridge JobCentre Plus, Zoe joined the online information session.

Discovering all aspects of Growing Talent, how it differed from more traditional routes to find a job, Zoe completed her registration form and sent it in. 

First hurdle cleared!

The first part of Growing Talent’s Employer Speed Dating event comprises a networking ice breaker to get to know everyone else about to meet the employers. A broad range of experience, confidence and self-doubt was in the room – understandably.  But, by the end of this session, laughter and smiles were spreading as confidence started to grow. 

Starting conversations with ‘strangers’ is difficult. Yet the workplace expects this to be easy for all. 

‘Water cooler’ conversations for example require a certain amount of pushing through the fear for a new joiner. ‘Will they think I’m weird asking how they are and what they do” “is my question too stupid to ask”. 

Minds naturally over-amplify negativity leading to a feeling of not belonging.  This is why I consider this element critical. But just to heap the pressure on a little more, all picked a question blind from a bag of questions I’d compiled. They can’t ask the question straight away. Instead, they have to start the general ‘water cooler’ conversations and slip the network question in.

What did Zoe think of this? Really good. Forced her to push through any self doubt and speak to strangers! 

2nd hurdle nailed!

Then came the next step – employer 1-2-1s! Zoe had a virtual and in person meeting with an international mail and distribution company looking to add new talent to this prestigious global financial services client’s site.  No pressure then!

Learning about the role, team and progression opportunities, Zoe’s connection with the team grew stronger.  Offered and accepted a position based at flagship offices in Charing Cross, Zoe’s next hurdle was the orientation week!

3rd hurdle nailed!

Growing Talent’s orientation and holistic section focuses on workplace and life skills enhanced by the addition of I-Act – a global accredited qualification in line with ISO45003 workplace psychological safety. An intensive, robust programme involves three work books plus the 168 page manual for I-Act.  Of course, as a recent Graduate, Zoe was well prepared for this!

4th hurdle nailed!

Now the waiting game commences! Zoe cannot go onsite for the mutual evaluation period until her new employer’s compliance is complete. When the call comes, Zoe will be ready to nail it!

So what does Zoe think of the Growing Talent process?

“I think Growing Talent is a great way for people, whether they have experience or no experience, to put themselves out there and potentially find work through the program by looking at them as a whole person and not just a CV. 

The orientation week is a good way to get an idea of potential problems you may face in the workplace environment and how to solve them, along with gaining a better understanding of mental health issues.”

If you are interested in finding new talent a different way, contact me direct to see what Growing Talent can do for you.

Next programme is expected to commence end of September.  Are you in?