And we’re off!


A great start to Growing Talent Orientation and Holistic week which commenced with a public speaking exercise shortly after walking into the room as strangers!

The power of believing in ourselves, facing our fear and just ‘doing it’ is awesome.

Discussions, debates, films followed focussing on communication and how difficult effective communication is – unless you have the Growing Talentknowledge of course!

Then we explored the impact of our emotional mind on our behaviours which in turn impact those around us.  

With the help of Superman and Darth Vader we saw clearly the impact of both positive and negative impacts on us which made us think how we impact those around us.

Exploring conflict – actual, perceived and anticipated as well as our conflict styles enabled us to see how we can impact our selves and others more positively so we all thrive!

What a lot of ground was covered during this first collaborative, interactive session. What will tomorrow hold?

Check back to find out!

Awesome work Abbas and Shari