Another Coffee Break?????


Parry and Liam take a well earned break from Growing Talent’s Orientation and Holistic week!

Parry and Liam take a well earned break from Growing Talent’s Orientation and Holistic Week. Along with Chyna, Tia, Kerry, Mariia and Norhan. Parry and Liam have been absorbing a lot of information, sharing their views/opinions and ultimately learning together to be more prepared when they go into the next stage of Growing Talent – the in-role mutual evaluation with their future employers and team.

So what have we covered so far?

Exploring what employers want including from our viewpoint if we had our own businesses!

Impact of Behaviours – ours on others and others’ on us! People never forget how we made them feel.

Communication – all components to consider – modes to use, elements to consider, understanding types off conversations, danger of assumptions, what is conflict and how to manage it, the power of I vs You statements, how to have a difficult conversation.

Digital Dementia – what is it, how to manage it and, more importantly, how to prevent it!

Basic finance – exploring different types of bank/savings account, credit rating, modes of payment and when to use them, managing debt, increasing credit ration, budgeting – key things to consider

Personal empowerment – over coming procrastination, brain hack, understanding the importance of sleep, building mind muscle, sketch class

What’s to come?

Nutrition – how to eat well on a limited income, understanding the impact of marketing on our buying choices, the hidden dangers of what we love (sugar)!

Waste & Environment – why it’s important to business and communities. Why can’t everyone recycle? – no, it isn’t just ‘laziness’!

Time to move on – tips and tricks for personal branding, elevator pitch, cv tools, networking

Finally, we round off the week with I-Act’s global proactive programme for Managing and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing course accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

After coffee, back to work!

Soon they go on site as follows:

Chyna, Tia & Kerry – join Lasse, Tam and the team at Pilgrims Risk Management

Parry – joins Breyer Group

Mariia – Joins Honeywell

Norhan – joins Jamie, Pedro and the team at Pertemps

Liam – joins SPS UK & I

Awesome times ahead!