Another mad week!


After an enthused stage one assessment last Friday – at which we had 60+ people attend, we started this week as manically as we ended the last one with the Employers Selection!

Forty seven people were invited back to vie for a place on Growing Talent.  With two sessions lasting a total of four hours – I think it’s safe to say the employers were slightly more exhausted!

The room was buzzing as people talked showing their personalities to the full!  The employers had a tough decision – especially as some picked the same people!!!

We ended the day with fourteen great people selected by the employers for their roles on Growing Talent – ranging from drivers, to data specialists, print and hospitality roles as well as ‘Moveware’ – a software used by Harrow Green.

The online disclosures have been completed – no mean feat especially when a certain someone came all the way from Northolt to London Bridge but left his papers at home – ouch!

Today Shine Design came in to finalise the website.  Watch out – they showed me how to update it – watch this space!  We should be live for everyone to see soon.

As this mad week draws to an end, another begins with the Orientation Week starting 2 Feb.