Art Attack!


One of the final workshops of Growing Talent’s Holistic Week is an art class.  In preparation for this, the guys re issues with a challenge which they can carry out at the National Gallery or the National Portrait Gallery – both easy to get to in London and free!


The challenge was to identify a painting which ‘spoke’ to them – either in a good or bad way.  They had to describe why it ‘spoke’ to them, how it made them feel and what question they would ask the Artist if they could.


Even though this isn’t everyone’s kind of thing, when you do it as a challenge it can make you look at art in a completely different way.  The following is what the guys discovered……………..


Emma picked Water Lillies, Setting Sun by Monet.  She loved how calming the setting was.  The textures and colours used created a warm and soothing vibe.  It made Emma feel optimistic about new beginnings – currently where she feels she is at the moment.  The painting gave her a positive, warm hug.  She would ask Monet what he was thinking or feeling when he painted this.


Reece selected My Back to Nature by George Shaw.  He liked the overwhelming factor of the buck being caught in an almost tangible place.  This painting made Reece feel calm and peaceful.  the strength of the trees gave a sense of how strong nature is.  He would ask George how he brought the affects out so well


Anita selected another Monet painting – Waterlillies.  She selected this mainly because of memories of school – it was a standout picture for her on a previous school visit.  It made her feel reminiscent and happy.  She would ask Monet why he painted waterlillies in so many different ways.  what is the fascination for him.


Paul selected a landscape featuring a large country house – which he aspires to own in the future.  Painted in 1877 by Camille Pissaro.  It ‘spoke’ to Paul because it represented somewhere he would like to live with his family – the peace of the countryside.  Paul would ask Camille what made her paint this subject and how long it took.


This gave a good foundation for the Art class with Chris Bhyram the following day…………….