Art Attack With Chris


How relaxed does Chris look ahead of her 1st lesson delivering an art class to the guys?


Although she said she was nervous, she hid it very well!


Chris designed a brilliant drawing workshop to inspire anyone – even those not naturally good at drawing – to take it up.  Chris told the group a little about her journey with art and her day job working with the Room Bookings team at PwC.  This was a great part of the lesson illustrating that you can always focus on your passions outside of work.


Showing some of the early work Chris had done and comparing it to more recent pieces showed the guys that improvement and talent can be grown – the essence of Growing Talent really!


Amid smiles, smirks and laughter, Chris set the first task – to free draw your partner without looking at the paper – harder than you might think!


Free drawing 1

Jose & Camilla trying hard to keep their eyes off the paper!


Freedrawing 2


Shennell & Shanika trying just as hard!


Another task was to draw a still life.  Unfortunately, there were no takers to be a model for the session so I went in search of some appropriate objects to draw!


Jose still art


The most interesting exercise was drawing me!




& here are some of the results:










Picasso esq I think……….


A fun workshop enjoyed by all.  Check out the guys thoughts:


“fun & relaxing – I’m looking forward to getting back into Art”

“Found this really fun and worthwhile”

“Great tips to enjoy drawing – definitely funning trying to draw Jane’s face!”

“Relaxing and interesting.  I hadn’t drawn since school”

“Wasn’t really interested in Art before this workshop – Chris has sparked my interest – A great instructor”

“At first I was worried I wouldn’t ‘get it’ but I did!”

“Enjoyed it very much. Chris was down to earth.  Loved her informal style and drawing Jane’s face”


Fab workshop Chris!