Art Project – Growing Talent Way!


As part of the Holistic Week, the Growing Talent Associates are tasked with visiting a local gallery, finding a ‘piece’ that ‘spoke’ to them – either in a good or bad way.  They then had to ask a series of questions:

  1.  What was the piece?
  2. How did it make you feel?
  3. If you could ask one question of the artist, what would it be?

Here’s what some of the Growing Talent 18 Associates thought after deciding to undertake this project at Tate Modern….  Of course we didn’t tell them they had to then draw their findings!


Helen was struck by a display of radios in the form of a circular tower.  It appealed to Helen because they were all on, playing all day different voices and music.  It made her feel fascinated – reminded her of the Tardis.  Her question to the artist would be ‘how did you come up with this idea, what message were you trying to get across?



Tom found a piece by Malagada Negeweds ‘Untitled 1967’ distrubing as it reminded him of war.  His question would be ‘what inspired you to capture it?’

Anuj found a painting of London really colourful.  He was intrigued seeing his home town through someone else’s eyes.  His question to the artist would be ‘what made you use such bold colours and how did you feel whilst painting it?’

Alex found a painting by Yves Klein – IKB 79 inspiring. He was fascinated by how simplistic the painting was and the artist’s intention behind it.  His question would be ‘why he chose that blue above all other colours’


Kam was intrigued by a painting of two girls with their long hair intertwined as though one just because of the usual subject matter.  It didn’t inspire any feelings other than the unusual image made me stop and look.  His question to the artist was ‘what do you find interesting about the girls lives to feature them this way?’


So often we visit art galleries without really stopping to examine what we are seeing.  Everything blurs into one.


Next time you are at a gallery – why not question yourself in a similar way to the Growing Talent Associates?