Be unique – be yourself


During the Coronavirus lockdown and overload of information about the pandemic – some factual, some total nonsense, I’ve tried to feed my mind by looking out for positive insights on life.

In this era of physical isolation it’s key to keep emotionally connected with our community – all parts of our community including  family, friends and work.  We are lucky to have the technology to do so via the internet.  It’s so easy to slide into despair if we listen to nothing but negativity.

So I was empowered to read a feature on Dame Karen Pierce the UK’s new, and first female, Ambassador to USA.  Her career makes interesting reading by itself.  One thing is very clear, she has done everything on her terms.

Who else would consider attending a meeting at the United Nations Security Council wearing a feather boa?

On being asked who was her hero, Dame Karen replied ‘Ginger Rodgers – she did everything Fred Astaire  did but backwards and in heels’.  Sums up the power of self-belief and #ICan attitude for both boys and girls growing up.

Speaking of her time in Afghanistan she said ‘the stilettos made me feel more confident’ – imagine wearing stilettos in what was then a war zone?

She has done amazing things through her diplomatic life quietly, without seeking publicity.  Who knew her name?  Shouldn’t we all? A poster person for always being yourself and always believing in yourself.  On her new role involving diverse countries and leadership administrations, Dame Karen says there are always key things countries agree on, no matter what else they disagree about.  You can use these things to build on and reach more agreement in the areas you don’t currently agree on.

Consider that for a minute.  What kind of community would be have after this pandemic if we looked at what joins us together instead of focussing on what divides us?  Most of us have learned what is really important to us is often shared by others.

If we are mindful, this pandemic could be an opportunity to change the celebrity status desire of being rich just for being famous not actually doing anything, of taking what we want from others rather than working for it, and the useless loss of life through knife crime which has either completely stopped during this pandemic or is just not being reported.  Maybe we could create a brave new world where all thrive and all care about one another by being unique, accepting our differences and focussing on common ground – a bit like Dame Karen.

#stayhomestaysafe #nurtureyourmind #crisiswillend