Best ad on the trains – do you agree?


After thrashing out ideas, content, design etc, an advertisement was agreed to run on SouthEastern, Southern & SouthWestern trains for two weeks commencing 21 May 2018 – over 1,500 carriages!


I think it’s the best ad on SouthEastern – of course I’m bias but compared to other ads in the train carriages I’ve travelled in, it’s brighter, carries a clear message and of course showcases Growing Talent as the great resource it is for both employers and applicants!


What other employment programme delivers the opportunity for employers to confidently recruit new talent by test driving them in their vacant role to ensure a true fit with their team and business completely free of charge?  For applicants, where else would they get a journey to nurture and support them over their journey with no impact on their benefits so if they don’t like the role they don’t have to wait for a new claim for benefits?  Equally, they are selected on their personality alone – not experience nor skills.


We have over 125 success stories.   Including:


  • Graduates who didn’t know what career path they wanted.  With little or no employment experience, their applications for jobs delivered no response.


  • People in their mid thirties who had never worked having left school early because of social and/or mental health issues and never secured any employment.


  • Seasoned professionals whose confidence had dipped a little following redundancy who just could not secure their next role.


  • People in their late 50s who knew they had a lot left to offer employers but just could not secure a job interview.


All 125 people are still working.  Many have secured promotion either with the companies they joined or with new employers.  Some have started their own businesses.  Many stay in touch with updates of their progression and many return to support those following them.


The aim of this advertisement campaign is to spread the word to more employers.  It’s a ‘no brainer’ to recruit through Growing Talent!


What do you think?