Big Conversation with Nigel!


Yesterday saw ‘progress so far’ meetings with Sharon and Trev Hart of Harrow Green with all the growing talent Associates on site – Maxine, Michael, Kaith, Daoud, Selwyn & Joshua – so far so good!


I joined for a catch-up to hear how the guys have done on their training, site visits and the planned development that lies ahead – including driving which Selwyn, Michael, Joshua and Daoud are really interested in!  There’s also tablet and IT training which Michael commences shortly.  He enjoyed the recent bitesize training at Belvedere – although it was a mission for him to get to!


By the time growing talent ends in April everyone will be multi-trained in all areas giving them wider opportunities.


Trev gave his team’s positive feedback on the hardwork the Growing Talent Associates have put in so far.  All the guys looked immaculate in their Harrow Green uniforms although Selwyn had a fetching gaffer tape strip on his arm thanks to a rogue nail!  More uniform orders were taken although Max couldn’t get her steel capped boots – not essential office wear!


Sam and Joshua joined us and spoke about their experience on growing Talent and what’s happened to them since – always good to have people around you with that kind of experience.


Nigel, MD Harrow Green, broke into his busy schedule to meet the guys, share what he’s heard about them, why Harrow Green are such huge supporters and why they invest so heavily in Growing Talent.  As Nigel said ‘people are our business’ without good frontline staff building positive relationships with Harrow Green’s clients there would be no  business.


It was powerful to see the look of pride of the faces of Maxine, Joshua, Selwyn, Michael, Daoud & Kaith – they’re worked hard to prove their integrity and commitment.


Nigel 2



I left six enthused, confident Growing Talent Associates well on their way to soaring in their new careers…….. More to follow!