Bring on Monday!


Really looking forward to Military Coworking Network’s webinar on Monday 28 November to introduce #MilitaryReboot to their members who are partners and adult children of currently serving Armed Forces personnel.

I’m always encouraging those I work with to push the perceptions they hold of themselves and their abilities. We can always do more than we think we can.

In that spirit, I’ve spent most of this morning learning from YouTube to make the short clip below – hopefully attached here!!!! Hit the full screen option to get the full, clear four key points.

Military Reboot is a new addition to the solutions I offer businesses within my own consultancy.

Using the ethos of Growing Talent to focus on this awesome group, of often invisible people, the goal is to empower them to build their own roadmap of where they are to reveal where they want to be.

Some of their eventual destinations may be to loop into Growing Talent for permanent employment in roles close to the Forces bases nationally they live on.

What an amazing talent pool that will be for employers!