CBT – Cake Before Therapy!


Don’t you just love that acronym?

Emma of Unravelling Minds is a firm favourite on Growing Talent’s Orientation Weeks.

She has used her own journey and recovery into and from mental health to develop an art therapy business. As well as being a counsellor, Emma shares how drawing was instrumental in her recovery and also shows different mediums that other people she knows adapt.

It’s amazing how quiet the room goes every time Emma sets her tasks. The concentration is almost palpable.

The feedback is always positive – even from those who hated the idea of drawing at the start of the workshop were soon converted to it’s merits.

Callum’s sketch. Callum is joining Firmdale Hotels on Growing Talent
Sharlene’s illustration. Waterman Group are the lucky employer to have Sharlene with them
Andy’s intricate doodle. He joins ISS after the Bank Holiday.

Just some great examples of doodling and taking your mind away from everyday pressures.

Thanks Emma!………… Until the next Orientation Week!

If you are interested in learning more – check out Emma’s CBT workshops below……..