Later today Emma from Unravelling Minds joined us to share her journey from high-end fashion, dealing with mental health issues, recovering, using art as part of her recovery, composing the Balloon and the Brain blog and much more.

Now a trained counsellor, who runs pop up gatherings – a safe place to share experiences of life and recovery called CBT – Cake Before Therapy which is part of her innovative company – Unravelling Minds.

Emma set three challenges:

  1. Start doodling on a blank sheet of paper and see where it takes you!
  2. Draw a heart and fill it with everything that is important to you.
  3. Using papers/magazines find an image and change it
Ready to take up the challenge!
Miyuki, Michael, Stephan, Romain, Calum and Jordan concentrating so hard – you can hear a pin drop!
Calum – his doodle which started life as one continuous line…
Jordan’s artwork

After the workshop, Emma joined the guys for a networking lunch sharing experiences.

A great workshop! Thanks Emma