Chi’s World…….


Jurate to the left with Chi at More London Today….


I love going to More London – it’s like the ‘Growing Talent Finishing School’! So many graduates of the programme are based here with diverse organisations collectively delivering exceptional service to the  client, a global financial services Firm including…….


Krupi, Debbie, Julie, Camila, Jacq, Rehana, Michael, currently on site with Portico alone!


Chi, on the current Growing Talent, is being guided by the Portico team as he learns the ‘ropes’ to be an exceptional Welcome Host.


First off, a catch-up with Jurate – Chi’s line manager – to see how he’s getting on from Portico’s side…


“He’s doing well – no lateness – even though he isn’t a morning person! and no absences either. ‘ explained Jurate.  There are just a couple of miner ‘polishing’ points for Chi to be ‘spot on’ – which is great news this early on.


So how did Chi feel – ‘ Really happy, my confidence is up and I’m managing a reception area on my own.  I really liked it when some of the clients from the floor I had been based on, came up and told me I was missed!  There’s a lot of information to learn but the  team explain everything well.’


‘It’s amazing how quickly the days go now compared to when I wasn’t working.”  ‘It’s great having something to do’.


Chi is lucky in having people like Julie below who came through Growing Talent 8 and knows exactly what he is going through!


Flashing great big smiles, I left Chi to get back to the world of Welcome Host with Portico!