Christmas is coming – the pressure is on for many…..


“A priceless memory – the gift that keeps giving”

Christmas is fast approaching and the cost of living crisis is looming large, engulfing many of us with no end in sight. The pressure to spend money we don’t have to bring the joy we want to those we love will be amplified and constant. The pressure we put on ourselves will get heavier and heavier.

Reading Susan Calman’s column, it struck me how true her thoughts are:

“a token present doesn’t mean as much as a priceless memory – it’s the gift that keeps giving”

How often have you given a gift that maybe cost you relatively a lot of money – maybe you used savings or a credit card – only to get a ‘lukewarm’ thank you? 

Maybe you never saw your gift being used by the recipient. Children often want the latest toy, trainers etc because their friends have got them or they’ve seen the endless marketing and think they want these items.

Think back to the memorable times in your life – did they involve expensive gifts or priceless time with someone?

Why not follow Susan’s example of her birthday ‘presents’ and give your time to someone instead?

We can’t control the consumer crises, nor what politicians do, but we can control how we deal with things in our life.

What do you think?