Coffee with Jess & Jane……


Ed, Jess, Jane, Chef & Amelia

A bright, sunny day welcomed my visit to BaxterStory at one of their prestigious accounts in Canary Wharf.  The building was impressive, the reception staff professional and Ed, the manager in charge, couldn’t have been kinder.  Over a coffee – the kind I aspire to make on my Nepresso, but fail to,  Ed shared his journey with the account.  Newly moved in, the environment is bright and engaging.

Before sitting down with Jane and Jess, Ed and some of his team agreed to have some photos done for this blog in the restaurant area – which is amazing.  Plenty of variety with pop-up vendors attending every now and then.  Today were specialists in Humous.


Jane and Jess outlined what they have done so far.  For the first week, Ed spent time showing what his role as manager encompasses from budgets, client relationships, staff management  to name but a few.  He then spoke about the structure of the team and variety of roles.  From day one he and the team have encouraged Jess and Jane to voice their opinions.  Next on the Agenda were some tasks including market research!

Armed with notebooks they explored the eating outlets of Canary Wharf. and reported back on their findings.


Coffee Bar issu


One visit to a local Tapas Bar below the girls came up with some interior design ideas……………


Interior design by JJ - Jess & Jane



Jess Ed and Jane


Jess, Ed & Jane at Canary Wharf today!


A really interesting visit.  Looking forward to seeing Jane & Jess again next week for Latimer Vibe along with the other Growing Talent Associates!