Comfort moves on…………….’Growing in more ways than one’


Your could describe Comfort as a ‘ground breaking pioneer’ or ‘mad fool working for no money’.  The trail she has left behind and the support she has continuously given shows the former is true!

Pilot ComfortJasonHollyandSophia

(Comfort is on the left alongside fellow pioneers Sofia, Holly and Jason)


As one of the fab four of Growing Talent’s pilot in early 2014, Comfort took a leap of faith along with us.  However, her tenacity, input of ideas and encouragement of those following her has helped the programme flourish to the robust tool we have today which has delivered 46 people into permanent jobs so far.


Since completing Growing Talent, Comfort has worked with Honeywell on their PwC account.  Seen below l-r with James, Jordan and Kavita, Comfort has spoken to employers and JobCentre Plus Managers as well as applicants themselves on her experience and the benefits of the programme.


each generation


James ( seen next to Comfort above) was on the 2nd Growing Talent programme below.  Comfort spent a day with the guys supporting them in their tasks and sharing her experience.


James and Comfort


On 13 November, Comfort leaves Honeywell to take up a flexible position with the NHS in administration before taking up a Postgraduate in Child Nursing in September 2016.


‘I’ll still be there to support Growing Talent’ – Comfort.




There is a third, more apt way to describe Comfort ‘An inspiration and a Growing Talent legend’.   We know she will do amazingly well.