Communication is so easy to get wrong, but by using a few tips, planning and thinking what we are going to say be mindful of our bodylanguage etc – it’s easy to get right!

But there are a lot of things to remember. Who better to share this vital knowledge with Growing Talent than Jade from Customer Care First!

After discussing the basics, Jade gave her first challenge. Splitting the Associates into pairs, one person in each pair was given a picture which they had to describe to their partner whose goal was to draw the exact same picture!

Callum and Sharlene were so impressed with their results – they were keen to share!

Jade then spoke about all the key attributes that make a good communicator…. including emphasising, tone, loudness, body language, spatial awareness and so on.

Long lists were produced when asked what were appropriate topics of conversation and what were not!

Finally, Jade held a Q&A session before an exhausted group, buzzing with information, left for lunch!

Thanks Jade!