Concerned about your health & want to drink less alcohol?


Consider Seedlip the grown-up non-alcoholic ‘spirit’. Use it in the same way as Vodka or Gin.

You can dress up your drinks with fruit, herbs and spices – looks and feels like a full-on cocktail with the added benefit that you remember everything you do and say and can drive the car with no worry about possibly being over the limit!

Full control – what’s not to like? Well the price to be honest. It’s the same as a premium alcoholic spirit – but much better for your health.

I’m a long standing convert to Ben’s innovative invention – brought out by a global drinks company a while ago and now more readily available in supermarkets, health shops, online etc.

For some the price is ok. I’m used to the taste and like always being in control – as anyone who knows me can testify!.

If you want to try it but don’t want to go to such an expense without knowing if you like it – why not check out Time Out’s offer below? You can even enter a free competition.

Thanks to Lauren for sharing this will me – I now share with you. Why not get the free voucher from Time Out and see what you think?

It’s a no brainer! Check out the link below…..–DEDICATED–EMEA_GB_LON_EN_DEDICATED_FOOD_SEEDLIP_20200108–155159–1/8/2020&subsid=22223–15–5450769