Day 2 of Growing Talent’s Orientation & Holistic Week….


It’s a fact – to be top of our game in all areas of our life we must prioritise our self care to build our resilience to deal with everything life throws at us and support those around us.

Day 2 put the spotlight on self-care. Every home has a maintenance toolkit. Every workplace has a maintenance crew – even a crew of one! So isn’t it logical every human should have their own self-care tool kit?

Here Abbas – joining Office Concierge on his next stage of Growing Talent and Shari joining Master-Fix actively build their own toolkit.

But here’s the thing. Proactive is far more efficient than reactive. Why wait until minds are becoming exhausted? Building in windows of non-negotiable self-care throughout every day will build our resilience and reduce the potential for exhausted minds.

We call these short bursts of distraction calmness ‘Wellbeing Windows’ – a key feature in I-Act Managing and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing – an accredited course Abbas and Shari will do on Friday.

Drawing Spike brought a lot of laughter and energy to the room. Shouldn’t every workplace inject wellbeing windows throughout the day? Pockets of fun within teams delivers cohesion, connectivity and belonging.

Following the excellent directions of Graham Shaw’s video – Why People Feel They Can’t Draw, we all decided – actually, we can!

Abbas showcasing his Spike…..

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Shari and Spike…..

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Of course I never ask the fabulous people I work with to do something I wouldn’t do so…..

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Make sure you find your pockets of fun today – home, work, family, friends and of course your mind will thank you for it!

Check back to see what we do today – Day 3!