Day 4 – #MHAW22 – Challenge – are you up for it?


Our minds are powerful tools – they can also be the most destructive.

They are designed to protect us and do this by amplifying what it perceives risk – without any rational on whether the risk is real or not.

Knowing this we can override this process and challenge our thoughts – is what we are feeling due to thought or fact? Just asking the question makes the process stop enabling our minds to start to calm.


When driving on the motorway, what’s the reaction when another driver cuts in front of you?

Calm or angry thoughts?

The majority would say angry thoughts – they are pretty much automatic responses.

But what would happen if we challenge those thoughts? Did the driver cut in because they’re a bad, thoughtless driver? or do they have someone sick in their car they are trying to get to hospital? If you consider the second, what would happen to your thoughts?

A key teaching we work on in the Growing Talent journey is to always challenge our thoughts and make sure we only act on facts not thoughts.

Calm your mind and challenge your thoughts.