Day 7 – final #MHAW22 Tip – Avoid!


Today sees the final day of Mental Health Awareness Week. This week long event has run for 21 years.

Most of my tips this week have been around self care.

Today, I end with an indirect tip to enhance our wellbeing by reducing our negative impact on those around us. This is something we share on Growing Talent.

How often do we automatically start a sentence with ‘you’? Examples: ‘you didn’t put the rubbish out’ or you are late’ or ‘you didn’t meet the deadline for that project work’.

I don’t doubt we’ve all been on the receiving end of a ‘you’ statement. How did you feel? Angry, frustrated, sad, defensive, worthless – none are positive feelings.

My final tip of the week is something we were taught as children. ‘Think before you speak’. I’ll add something to that. ‘What is the possible impact on the person you are going to speak to?’ If there is any chance it will be negative, can it be said a better way? 

Absolutely. First, can what you are about to say be said in a better way? Second, play it in your head and check how you would feel if it was said to you. Thirdly, try to NEVER use ‘you’ statements.

Usually, when we think about it, we can say the same things in a kinder way. A way that doesn’t automatically make someone feel they’re under attack.

Example for lateness:

“I felt so frustrated when you didn’t arrive on time. I made your favourite meal. Now it’s ruined’. 

As #MHAW22 draws to an end, let’s think about the tips shared this week, the importance of investing in our own daily self-care and our impact on others before we speak every day of the week. Every week of the year.

Be kind to yourself is a strength that enables you to be kinder to those around you.