Day One Growing Talent 6 Orientation Week


The day started with a presentation – “Your Life in Pictures”.  The Growing Talent Associates (GTAs) had the choice of illustrating key points of their life or music tastes through their lives.


Some interesting Picasso style images were produced – not least mine! But the point of the exercise was achieved.  When we speak about something we know our confidence reigns high delivering a smooth, professional experience for the audience.  This gives the foundation to the GTAs with preparation they can speak confidently about anything – workplace or privately.


We then moved on to communication watching out for body language, tone, content and so on.


Thinking as managers, the GTAs then split into two groups.  The task was to design their ideal employee from a personal image point of view and the other group focussing on attitude traits.  They proved to be touch managers with a very long list of ‘wants’!


Joshua and co planning

Joshua, James, Leah & Mehmet brainstorming their list in respect of attitude for their employees………..


Side 1 Attitude

Long list – side one……………….


Side 2 A

Really looooooong list – side 2!


Leah Mehmet Joshua and James


Made it!  Leah, Mehmet, Joshua & James – tough managers of the future….



Mali, Chelsea, Stephanie and Marta


Mali, Chelsea, Stephanie & Marta taking an artistic route to illustrating their expectations of future employees’ personal image………


Ideal Employee P


Clearly high expectations for these future managers!  Stephanie even ‘encouraged’ Mali to give examples of good and bad presentation!  nothing like a bit of pressure……..


Some case studies followed on how they would deal with issues in the workplace ranging from a conflict of instructions to boring team members!


After a body language game and assertiveness situation analysis we broke for a well earned three course lunch!


After lunch the focus was on the Social Enterprise presentations the GTAs have to devise and deliver before a senior panel of managers from PwC, Portico, Property Research Company, Mitie Total Document Management and Pertemps – no pressure then!


After a brainstorming session on ideas, the guys were sent home with homework!


Some amazing talent heading Portico, Wilson James, Property Research Company, Mitie Total Document Management & Pertemps way…..