Day out in Peckham


Yesterday I travelled to Peckham Job Centre along side Jane and Charlene from Harrow Green. Charlene joined through Growing Talent initially first as Harrow Green’s first ever female porter. She quickly won promotion to the moveware team.

I arrived at Hays Galleria in the morning and then Jane and myself caught the train to Peckham. On arrival we was greeted by security and shown through to the conference room. The conference room was busy.

we were delivering the presentation on Growing Talent as just one slot on a menu of good employment programs Job Centre Plus were showcasing. The audience was filled with managers from all regions of Job Centre Plus offices across London. I sensed nerves in the air as the speakers made their way to the front to present, however obviously not from the Growing Talent team.

We sat down and prepared for our presentation. Unfortunately our presentation hadn’t been uploaded to the central system so we had to deliver it completely differently to how we planned. When it was finally our time, Jane and Charlene both delivered impeccable speeches and left the audience with a real understanding of what we are about at Growing Talent.

The overall feel of how I feel that the Presentation went is very positive.

We treated ourself after with a well deserved lunch in KFC after a busy but productive day!

My first blog by Chad Sales 26/10/2016