Do you know the 3Rs?


Refresh, Renewal & Refuel


Lesley of PwC’s H&S devised this workshop around subtle changes to bring long-term health/wellbeing dividends……


Sharing her logical thoughts on staying healthy at work, Lesley brought her colleague, Hayley with her to watch and learn.  Lesley’s plan is Hayley can deliver the workshop if she is unavailable in the future.



So, what did the Associates think of this workshop?


‘This workshop is absolutely important. I learnt a lot’

‘I learnt how important rest and posture is – never thought of it before’

‘An important segment that allowed growth within the unknown.’

‘I’ve learnt how to keep fit and healthy’

‘I got a lot of information which I’ll put into practice’


Coupled with parts 1 & 2 of MHFA – a full on, day!