Do you let new beginnings into your life?


Growing Talent Associates do……

Today marks the first day for Haajarah, Luiz and Manny in-role training with their respective employers.

It takes courage and strength to move away from what we are comfortable with and step into the unknown. Haajarah, Luiz and Manny have done just this.

Haajarah got off to a start that would have challenged many in her position. Arriving in time for her 9am start, no one had arrived at the office to let her in! Keeping a cool head, she contacted me for help. Keeping calm when the pressure is on is a key attribute all humans need but don’t always practice.

Manny’s role is permanent late shift so he doesn’t start until this afternoon. Working with the highly visible ISS team, Manny’s calm, enthused nature will see him shine with the extensive client interaction involved on site.

Luiz’s professionalism will see him slip easily into his roving role in Central London supporting diverse Portico teams across multiple client accounts.

Check back to see how they get on.