Do you see what I see?


If it’s Chris’s art class…… probably not!  As Kearon put it’funny how so many people can draw the same object yet see it completely differently!’


Well art is a personal thing.  Chris usually works in Room Bookings with Portico at PwC but took time out to share her story on getting started with art and her progression.  She then shared some techniques such as blind drawing, drawing an object from someone else’s bag !  Ultimately, everyone had to draw me – hence Kearon’s view above!


Jerome and Lock


Jerome did a good drawing of a padlock.



Leighon & William drawing each other and trying not to lauch too much!



Jacq with her interpretation of me!


Kearon and Rose



Kearon and Rose share their ‘blind’ drawings of each other.  This is where you look at the subject, not the paper – more difficult than it sounds!


Maria nd Ernest


Maria & Enrest getting to grips with blind drawing each other!

Kieran’s interpretation of his favourite picture from the trip to the National Gallery……………


Kieran and art


Mike and Sunflowers

Mike presents his version of van Gogh’s Sunflowers………..


Priti and horse

Priti’s interpretation of her favourite painting of a lifesize race horse.


Rehana & Jacq present their masterpieces:

Rehana and Jacq


Some of the guys were already creative and so comfortable with this workshop.  Others were completely out of their comfort zone but surprised themselves with how much they enjoyed the session!

‘My favourite part was blind drawing our partner’s face’

‘Really interactive and fun to do’

‘Sparked my interest in art again.’

‘I’ll do more drawing in my spare time’

‘Good insight into drawing techniques’


The art class completed our Holistic Week!  Strangely – no one wanted it to end!