Don’t drop it!!!……………..



The fab trainers at Harrow Green (Trevor Hart – known as Harrow Green’s hero, Paul McFarland – Export Packer Trainer and Ricky Bentham – Export Packer)  work with Michael, Daoud, Joshua and Selwyn on the platform – fabulous Growing Talent Associates – to lift heavy goods.


They make it look so easy!  Helping to take up the flack at floor level in the hat and high vis is the amazing Matt Hart who completed Growing Talent with Harrow Green back in December.


No prizes for guessing what they are moving!  What an art form to pack everything from a teaspoon to a bulky reception settee in a safe secure way but then to lift it to heights!  Amazing – just ask Michael, Joshua, Kaith, Daoud and Selwyn about ‘drop tests’!


The earlier blogs from Michael, Joshua, Daoud, Kaith and Selwyn show just how much knowledge they have gained in such a short time from Harrow Green.  Of course their Christmas wrapping will never be the same now!!!


Check back regularly to see how they are getting on……………..