Don’t fear what you don’t know – you can learn!


Those who know me are already aware of how much I avoid tech. It scares me. I don’t understand it so I switch off.

That is until this morning.

Preparing for an advertising project planned for Growing Talent in May, the easiest way to get interested people to the right place to apply, from the online research I’d done, seemed to be a QR code leading to a bespoke landing page.


Thanks to the power of YouTube I learnt what many of you probably already knew – just how easy it is to do yourself!

There are so many free options to generate a QR code online.

The picture features my ‘test’ – also my first attempt – using Canva.

This QR code should take you to the ‘freebie’ resilience building tools on my website – let me know if it doesn’t!!!

The message of this post is – don’t let perceived fear of “I can’t” stop you learning to see ‘I can’

More QR codes to follow!!!!!