Employers, looking to recruit?


It’s never been more important for employers to recruit confidently, efficiently and without incurring costs. Nor has it been more important for unemployed people to feel really invested in and know the outcome of any programme they are considering doing.

Growing Talent meets both parties needs.

With a seven year track history, it has delivered proven results for employers and the new talent joining them from the ranks of the unemployed.

Adapted to run virtually during Covid, Growing Talent is as flexible as the people using it.

We know there are jobs out there but employers, understandably, are hesitant to hire. No one has a crystal ball, right?

Growing Talent is that crystal ball enabling employers to see someone’s potential and the individual to grow in confidence showcasing their personality, ability and fit with the team. At the point of hire, both are confident the match is right.

Growing Talent is ready to run again but needs jobs.

If you are looking for new talent in your business, why not check out Growing Talent? Check out the films on this website of see the latest one on YouTube – link below.

What have you got to lose?