Employers’ Selection – Yikes!


The final selection stage dawned on Wednesday 3 February back at Holborn Bars.  You could touch the excitement in the room!


We kicked off with 60 second personal presentations – nerve-raking before the guys joined the employers who had requested to meet them a second time.


The tables were buzzing………..

Andrea & Ed returned to meet the BaxterStory people and learn a little more about their personalities.  They identified 3 people they liked


Baxter Storey Employers Selection


Russ & Chloe from Iron Mountain were keen to meet their shortlist and ended offering to six!

Iron Mountain Employers selection

Sharon & Trev from Harrow Green had to hot foot it to a business conference, but not before they offered 11 placements including their very first female porter – history in the making!

Employers selection Harrow Green

Girl Power – also known as Julie, Michelle & Genielle from Portico identified four people in total – so much talent in the room.

Portico Employers Selection

Shane was able to attend this event along with Selvan, they met some business-minded people who wanted the opportunity of working at Invest In Buy To Let.  In the end, three people were selected plus a part-time role created!


Shane and Selvan Employers


Lastly, Phil from MitieTDM selected his first choice plus three back-ups despite being the only employer who attended alone!  Go Phil!


MitieTDM Employers


The morning ended with 22 people selected to participate in Growing Talent 8!