End of the holistic week for GT18…


So what are their thoughts now?


See below for some comments on some of the workshops undertaken…..


Personal Finance Workshop

‘This is an important aspect of everyday life.  I will be better organised now!’

‘It’s an important reminder to be mindful of money’

‘Finance is very important and should not be underestimated.  This is an important part of the holistic week’

‘I learnt about everyday cash and the Faraday Case’

‘Prompted me to think of budgeting’



Nutrition Workshop

‘Now I know how to manage healthy diets – this is good knowledge to have’

‘Packed lunches can be much easier to bring to work.  Following this workshop, I’ll consider a wider variety of foods’

‘Shocked to learn about the amount of sugar in everyday ‘healthy’ foods’

‘I will use the ‘homemade’ pot noodle and the manual has some good recipes to use’

‘Was good to learn what foods make you tired and what ones give you energy throughout the day’


Waste & Recycling

‘Worth doing.  We should respect the planet and environment’

‘An interactive talk to learn more’

‘The affect on the planet of not recycling was astonishing’

‘Very informative’

‘I’m shocked by the amount of plastic in our oceans’

‘This opened my eyes to how much we waste.  Shows what impact it can have on the world’


Art Gallery Project


‘Great way to  be creative and take your mind off things’

‘Enjoyed this trip with the rest of the group’


‘I enjoyed going to the Tate Modern and being ‘at one’ with art’

‘Shows how people express their feelings on art’

Art Class – basic techniques to drawing


‘I didn’t think I had this talent until I did it!’

‘Art always takes my mind of things’

‘Art allows you to release feelings and emotions  in a creative way’

‘I enjoyed learning to draw’

‘It helps to free your mind and focus on yourself’



Mental Health First Aider Course

‘I’ve learnt how to approach mental health issues and how to tackle then’

‘I don’t want to be a First Aider myself, but this gave me great information’

‘This was so worth doing.  It provides a great insight into a very important part of life.  It’s surprising how far we’ve come but also how much further we have to go’

‘I have a much better understanding of mental health now’

‘Great to have a qualification I can put on my cv’

‘Can use these skills in everyday life’




Overall – If you could go back to the beginning of Growing Talent, would you still apply?


I’m very please this delivered a unanimous yes!