Enter The Professionals!…..


Also known as Alex & Kam!……….


Prior to Growing Talent 18, neither had any experience of corporate front of house services, yet within a few short weeks and the support of Portico’s management and team, they look every inch the professional!


Alex shared how he has worked on various levels of Portico’s client site in More London and their other key location at Embankment from Welcome Host to Event and Floor Management. ┬áThere is a lot to learn with tiring yet exciting days!



Kam, like Alex, has worked in all areas including helping with the Re-imaging Project.  The client is streamlining their operations from three buildings to two which calls for organisation, multitasking and above all, cool heads!


I’m proud to say Alex and Kam have all these core skills and although there is a lot to learn, I don’t doubt they will complete and have strong careers ahead of them.


It’s a good start to know that both feel they made the right selection!


Check out to see their progress ahead……….