Excerts of letters to those following Growing Talent 7


The best encourage to undertake and complete Growing Talent is previous Associates themselves.  They know the ‘ ins and outs’ of it.


So here are some highlights from the guys:


‘This program is investing in you.  Try not to overthink the length of it.  You will certainly be better off for completing it.  The fear of getting back into work will subside.  This is a big step in the right direction.  Now nothing can stop you going as far as you want to go’, Kearon


”Growing Talent has been an amazing and unforgettable experience.  It has enabled me to reach opportunities sooner than I thought possible.  Unemployment is a tough and isolating place to be – Growing Talent provides a sense of belonging, boosting self-esteem and motivation along with way.  You’ll prove you are capable of more than you ever thought possible.  Suddenly life will feel purposeful again.  Although it’s touch working so long for no money, it’s worth it.  Focus on the end result.  Anything worth doing takes effort.  Growing Talent has brought me back to life.  It’s an amazing, much needed programme’ – Rehana


”First think I’d like to say is congratulations on being selected for the Growing Talent programme.  It’s a well-run programme and you will enjoy and learn new things along the way.  Keep in mind that guaranteed job at the end.  There will be days when you ask yourself ‘is it worth it?’ Trust me, it is.  You will reap the rewards.  My advice is don’t give up.  Stick at it and you won’t be disappointed’ Leighon


‘Congratulations on being picked.  Getting back into work can be a difficult thing so I want to wish you the best of luck moving forward.  I’m nearing the end.  Even though no every day has been great, I feel this has been an invaluable learning experience and some of the things I’ve learnt will be implemented for the rest of my life!  I wish you every success’ Mike.


‘While the beginning feels like some sort of limbo between unemployment and having a job, it soon fades and becomes natural.  Don’t listen to negative reactions.  Focus instead on the opportunities you now have and the ones you will have in the future.  Employers don’t care about your past, they just want you to show you are the right person’.  Kieran


‘This programme is a way in which I can meet people I wouldn’t normally associate with.  It’s tough to transition from no work to doing 40 hours per week for no pay but I’ve focussed on the end role and the plans I can make with a steady income.  You feel a sense of self-worth and importance when you are employed’ Ernest


‘My advice to you is stag strong and never give up.  You learn so much through this programme.  It does get hard but you have a great support network to get you through.  There are many skills to pick-up and being a Growing Talent Associate gains you a great insight into work.  Talk to Jane whenever you have a problem.  She has been a rock to me in a difficult time.  Always be professional.  Give 100% no matter what the task.  The satisfaction you will get from it feels amazing.’ Jerome


‘A great opportunity to achieve full time employment within companies who value their employees.  Don’t be afraid to talk about problems you may be having.  The support is there.  Temper your enthusiasm and eagerness to learn according to people you are working with – some existing team members may find it threatening.  Ensure family and friends think of Growing Talent as a positive journey so you can rely on their support to get you through to the end of the programme and at the beginning of your career. Jacq


”Congratulations on reaching the final stages of selection and welcome aboard the Growing Talent programme.  You will find the next few weeks hard.  You may cry, sulk and threaten to leave but please don’t because I can honestly say things will only get better!  Jane is the greatest advisor so if you have any problems at all, just ask her.  As an older participant to this wonderful programme I thought that I knew everything, but the world has changed and thought I knew, no longer applies today.  So come with an open view and be amazed at how much knowledge and fun you will get’ Rose Marie


‘Stick with it.  Repeat to yourself everyday ‘there is a guaranteed job on completion’ this will keep you motivated.  If you do feel down – speak to Jane.  Remember this is your future!’ William


‘The most important think Growing Talent has given me is more confidence in myself.  I believe I can do anything I want.  Growing Talent taught me to be a better employee as well as giving me tips to manage my life better.’ Maria


What more is there to say?  ……………………………….