Fear the Vaccine?


Covid 19 Vaccine Fears – understandable or illogical?

It’s perfectly natural to question whether to have the vaccine or not.  There is a lot of fake information circulating on Social Media, within our communities and by own family/friends.  Mainstream media news is full of doom. All of this can make it hard to think clearly and logically.  Whirling thoughts can keep us awake at night, physically and emotionally draining us preventing us from thinking clearly.

So what can we do ourselves?

1.      Ensure we listen only to qualified sources.

2.      Look at the national and global evidence.

3.      Discuss any fears with our GP.

4.      Make your decision based on what is right for us, not what those around us say.

Points to consider:

1.      Fear sells. In 1998 Dr Andrew Wakefield wrote a paper stating his research showed a connection between the then new MMR vaccine and the development of   Autism. This research was later discredited.  Dr Wakefield was struck off.  Today, 23 years later, some parents still fear his research -even though it’s been discredited and choose not to have their child vaccinated.  The consequences for some have been devastating. Dr Wakefield is now working in the USA, mixing with celebrities and supporting the anti-Covid vaccination groups there. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-02989-9

2.      Some believe the rumours of dubious ingredients in the vaccine. To find out what it’s really made of go to www.gov.uk and use the search box to find the ingredient list for each vaccine being used in the UK for Covid19. 

3.      Any adverse effects to the vaccines are reported by the public and can be viewed by everyone under MHRA’s Yellow Card site: https://yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk click on the Covid19 tab, scroll down you will see a link to a published report of side effects.  Reported side effects are the usual symptoms people get following all vaccines.

4.      If the Covid vaccines are so harmful, why is the world using them and the World Health Organisation (WHO) endorsing them to be used in the way the UK is? BMJ (British Medical Journal) has lots of reference information https://www.bmj.com/content/372/bmj.n338 WHO website gives a global view www.who.int

Above all, take a breath.  Think clearly.  Make the right decision for you