Forget Trustpilot – Here’s the Growing Talent Associates’ views so far!


What was the best part of the Orientation Week?

‘Learning how to do a presentation.  I was fearless!’

‘The 3Rs – it gave me an insight into how food can affect your healthy’

‘Using speech and vocals – understanding what is needed in a work environment’

‘Preparing the presentation’


Is it worth doing the Orientation Week, or would you prefer to go straight into work?

‘Definitely do the Orientation Week’

‘It’s a big confidence booster, you meet great people and learn a lot’

‘It’s great preparation’

‘Definitely worth it – builds confidence’

‘Do the Orientation Week – all the way!’


Did you learn anything about yourself?


‘That there’s more in me than I imagined – which I will put to good use’

‘I can push myself more’

‘Allow time to answer questions rather than give immediate answers’

‘I am more confident and outgoing than I thought and I can create new relationships with people’

‘I shouldn’t over think!’