Future jobs likely to involve robotics – where’s the knowledge?


We know from various recent reports there is a talent shortage in a number of key areas.  AI/IT/technology/robotics being a key one.


With robots doing the roles of humans in a lot of areas – manufacturing, help in the home – even delivering takeaway food! etc – when do we teach the skills to produce, operate and maintain these robots?


Click – the technology programme on the BBC – featured a great idea we could adapt in the UK.  Japanese schools have robot sumo competitions.  The students build and programme the entire strategy to get the opposing robot out of the ring.  These are not radio/remote controlled.  The students are automatically switched on to IT and build a solid foundation for a future career in the field.



Maybe UK schools could look at making this a key part of the curriculum?  Children learn quickly soaking up information like a sponge especially when it’s fun.  We see Artificial Intelligence everywhere.  Robots are in manufacturing.  We will soon have driverless cars.  Robotic suits are being used to support people walking again. Clair Lomas below raised a lot of money by walking the London Marathon in her robots suit which took 16 days to complete.


The opportunities for careers in these exciting areas are new and developing fast.  With an ageing population and increasing demand on our social services and NHS wouldn’t the cost of education in this area early as part of school curriculum reap endless benefits for generations to come?


Are we missing a trick?……