Genos International 360 Emotional Intelligence Leadership Development Assessments


Rush of energy this week – journey of debriefing @GenosInternational 360 #EmotionalIntelligence Leadership assessment debriefs and coaching sessions with a total of 25 leaders of a global Facility Services organisation.

So far, 8 Leaders have identified their insights, action plans and benefits of implementing these which will positively impact them – at home and work, all of their professional connections and ultimately the company’s brand reputation and profits.

Assessments for the sake of assessments are not enough. They are certainly not enough for a business that wants to thrive.

Genos is unique in its format, flexible delivery, living documents and plans not to mention the real change it delivers.

It’s an awesome experience for me to work with these leaders so keen to focus on their personal development and that of their teams – #refreshing.

Lightbulb moments and deeper connection opportunities for all.

It’s inspiring to see the change in employers putting Emotional Intelligence centre of their operations. Knowing future Growing Talent Associates will be going into employment in a new era of empathy, nurturing and emotional intelligent management is a fantastic thought.