I was in need of a bit of glamour on this dank, dull Tuesday morning so looked forward to going to see Stefan who is working with Wayne and the team for Mitie Connect at one of their contracts – a global cosmetics and skincare company in London.  Seen below Stefan on the left – Wayne Manager and overall ‘he who must be obeyed’ along with team member Jack.



Stefan had done some research on the company where he’d be based with MitieConnect during the Orientation Week.  The photos he showed me from the internet raised my expectations – would these be realised?


A quick journey on the Northern line would soon tell!  The journey was super smooth.  The worst bit being identifying where this global cosmetics organisation was!  A very slick, professional entrance.


Stefan and Wayne had a chat on Growing Talent so far, their role on site along with responsibilities and the highlights of the last could of weeks.


As you can see – they’re still smiling so all must be well!  Wayne’s team is responsible for everything coming into the building and leaving it to ensure everything reaches its final destination securely and efficiently.


This calls for an eye for detail, following process, client liaison – often under pressure with strict time lines and so on.


They then gave me a guided tour of the floors they service. All slightly different depending on the brands they were working on but all vibrant and ‘buzzing’.


The internet pictures Stefan discovered did not disappoint.  Light and airy there is an international vibe for the products the organisation creates. Of course the part Stefan and the team work in is more ‘functional’.


Stefan loves the work and future opportunities that will be available along with the location, team and client interaction he looks forward to going to work each day!


Check back to see how Stefan gets on………