Graduate Power House – how did it go?


In a word, brilliantly!

The Graduates had studied diverse subjects including Neuroscience, Creative Media, Film, Spanish & Finance. All came from South East London referred by Jill and her team at JobCentre Plus.

It was an empowering experience for me, watching Joanne, Esther, Andriana & Malvina start the week as strangers and ending it as friends, exchanging contact details to stay in touch.

We looked at various key issues, sharing experiences, ways to consider doing things differently going forward.

The empathy and encouragement between the four flowed. This was no surprise to me. I see it year on year with Growing Talent. When we see people as people not their ‘label’ – cultural, religious, social economic background etc the unity amongst them is almost palpable.

So, what did we cover this week?

Elevator pitch – how to answer tell me about yourself

Personal branding – what your social media says about you

Skillsmap – analysing transferable skills you have that employers want

Understanding why you didn’t get hired – clue, lack of experience isn’t the reason

Roadmap – where are you, where do you want to be – steps inbetween

Self evaluation – analysing yourself

CVs – the good, bad and ugly

It’s all about you – imposter syndrome, faking it, emotions and the brain, self care – what’s in your mental health toolkit, managing pressure

I got as much out of the week as Joanne, Malvina, Esther and Andriana did.

Below are their thoughts:

“I wanted to say thank you for this amazing week. You have helped and encouraged me to look at things in a different light. I think you’re an amazing women and I can’t thank you enough for giving me and the other girls your valuable time. 

Keep doing what you are doing and making other people feel great. Thank you for also introducing me to 3 new amazing humans!” 

“just wanted to thank you again. It was an amazing and impactful time.”

“Good afternoon Jane, I would like to just thank you once again. It honestly changed my life and helped so much.”

See the person. They are as valuable as you.

Next week sees a weeklong session for unemployed talent from East London. Check back to see how that goes.