Growing Talent 25 is underway…..


We’re approaching the end of the orientation week. Having covered communication in the workplace, effective and accurate communication with colleagues/management/clients, accepting personal responsibility as well as how to be the best version of ourselves, we’ve also had two great visitors sharing their knowledge.

On Monday, Head of Health, Safety & Environment at PwC – Lesley delivered her top tips during her 3Rs workshop – Refuel, Renewal and Rejuvenate .

Part of Lesley’s learning is to reflect on adapting to our work environment. Our bodies were originally designed for hunting and standing – not sitting! She challenged Naazzaariey, Kerry & Annarita to design a body to fit their roles. Here’s what they came up with!

Interesting huh?

After an intense workshop in which learning was shared on how to stay energised and focussed, Lesley shared the twists and turns of her career. She says she only got to her position by grabbing every opportunity along the way and not overthinking – sound advice!

A full day of working on personal skills and brainstorming ideas for the Social Enterprise Challenge on Friday 31 January, a little relaxation and reflection was required – enter Emma from Unravelling Minds…….

Emma is a counsellor with lived experience who has channelled her energy into helping others by running a very successful CBT Cafe – Cake Before Therapy! A safe space to talk and share experiences whilst supporting each other. Part of Emma’s own recovery was art. Expressing her feelings thought art enabled her to understand what was happening and led to her setting-up Unravelling Minds.

Emma started the session off by sharing her journey from pressurised career in fashion to breakdown and her recovery. Inspirational. Emma shows some slides of work people have done on expressing their feelings or just clearing their minds through art in one form or another.

Then she tasked the guys with an option of three challenges: draw a heart and fill it with everything that is important to you, draw something that represents your personal mantra or doddle on a newspaper.

Whilst there was the usual hesitancy at the start, you could hear a pin drop as concentration and reflection rose. At the end, all agreed it had been a great session.