Growing Talent 26 hit by Coronavirus


Yesterday was an incredibly tough day. After the pressure of passing all the selection stages, Graham, Francesca, Justyna & Reuben were relieved and excited to have their provisional, permanent jobs ring fenced for them with PwC, Red Personnel, Pilgrims Group and Pertemps and excited about the Orientation Week that lay ahead.

Due to the increased impact of Coronavirus, the programme had to be pulled. Employers are in very difficult positions with the unknown quantity that is Coronavirus. With most working from home, training in the workplace is impossible.

Taking a wait and see approach, the strong hope is to secure work trials for these four amazing individuals or to put in place a shortened Growing Talent process.

Maintaining weekly contact with their respective employers will keep the relationship going. Nurturing their positive minds will be essential to getting through the period ahead.

Just as it’s a fact Coronavirus is an unforeseen beast that has brought out the best and worst in people, it’s also a fact, this is a period of time that will end.

For now, Growing Talent is closed. Check back to see updates as we progress through this stormy period.